Imagination Yoga Manifesto

Imagination Yoga - Kind Words

Kind Hearts. Kind Words. Kind Thoughts.

Imagine for a moment that you are no longer sitting in front of your computer; imagine no walls and no ceiling around you, only blue sky and sunshine. Look down; the chair you are sitting on has somehow turned into a raft and the solid ground has turned to water. Imagine Yoga on the river! Where kayaks (boat pose) take you downstream, beautiful forests (tree pose) calm your mind and baby owls (seated spinal twist) sing their sweet owl song. Imagine a place where all earth creatures are kind and open hearted. Close your eyes and really try.  Welcome to an Imagination Yoga adventure!

Imagination Yoga is a movement, a platform to inspire real change in the lives of our children. Not only is it a fun and effective yoga class for kids (ages 2-12) it is also our opportunity to teach them concepts like; compassion, concentration, relaxation and something we call being ‘Boldly kind’. Being a boldly kind person is a person that says “hello” to the new kid at school, a person that stands up for what is right, a person that uses their imagination like a tool carving out a space for peace and joy.

What if someone had told you, in your earliest years what the word relax feels like and how to return to that cool water, even in the hardest times. By passing these tools on to our children, we are cultivating in them the confidence they need to find their own paths to happiness and relaxation. It is the gift that will allow us to return to our true great nature and walk the path of positivity for generations to come. We believe that the tides are turning and great change is coming. Hop on board, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. Be bold. Be kind. Be you.


Jamie Hopkins
IY Teacher & Founder


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