Concentration Stones

Imagination Yoga Concentration StoneThis story came to us from one of our very talented Imagination Yoga teachers, Kailee Klobes. Kailee earned her Imagination Yoga certification in 2009 and since that time has been teaching yoga to kids in and around the Scappoose Oregon area.

Kailee recently had a wonderful moment come from her use of concentration stones in one of her Imagination Yoga classes. She wanted us to help share with everyone how she incorporates the use of these colorful stones into her class and the impacts it has had on the children she works with. Thank you so much to Kailee for sharing her story with us!

I was absolutely touched this morning at my yoga class and thought I would share.  I have a 5 year old girl in my class who is particularly challenging in terms of keeping her attention.  I do my best to use key words to help her stay focused, but typically have a hard time connecting.  Today we had a breakthrough that made me so incredibly proud of her, and made me so proud to be a part of the Imagination Yoga team.  This is why I LOVE IY!

At the end of our class, we do a stone concentration activity with the little flat stones the Imagination Yoga team gave to me.  Lights go off, calm music on, and kids lay on their mats with the stone on their forehead without moving.  We emphasize concentrating on just the stone.  After this concentration activity (where the little girl in my class is completely calm, still and respectful) I ask how the stone felt, and if it helps them to relax and concentrate.

This is the response from that 5 year old girl and is what moved me to write this: “When I have the stone, it pulls all the bad things out of my head and puts the good things in.  It makes me calm and makes me remember that I am a big girl and not a little girl.  When I’m at school it will help me listen to my teacher and be calm.

What an incredible realization for her! I will definitely be sending a stone home with her next class, so she can practice her concentration at home!


Thank You Kailee for being such a fantastic Imagination Yoga teacher! And to the wonderful, 5 year old little girl, Thank You for turning a concentration stone into a beautiful  jewel of a thought that reminds us all  to simply “listen and be calm”


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