Kind hearts. Kind words. Kind thoughts.

Kind Hearts. Kind Words. Kinds Thoughts.

Kind Hearts. Kind Words. Kinds Thoughts.

Imagination Yoga classes always end the same; we sit on our mats criss-cross and press our hands together at their hearts.  All together we move our hands to our hearts and say ‘kind hearts’, to our lips and say ‘kind words’ and finally to our foreheads and say ‘kind thoughts’, repeating this 3 times in a row. The intention is to remind children to honor their unique hearts, to remind them to use their kind words and of the importance of practicing positive thinking. This story is inspired by that moment at the end of class.

A new 5 year old boy started in one of my classes this term.  When he started I was told that his family had just moved here from Japan.  The family let me know that their son understood some words in English and caught onto routines well, but that that he did not know how to speak English.

Their description proved to be very accurate for the first few class we had together.  He is a very joyful child and caught on quickly to many of the poses we were doing, and sat and observed the others, but never spoke more than one word answers back to me.

During our fourth class we had come to the end of our adventure and I said to the group “It is time to end our class together.”  Without hesitation he sat straight up on his mat, crossed his legs, put his hands together at his heart and said out loud before anyone else in the class, “kind hearts, kind words, kind thoughts”.  I smiled at him and said “you remembered!  I’m so proud of you for saying that.”

Imagine some of your first words in a new country being so full of love, inspiration and joy. What a wonderful introduction to a new country, a new culture, and to the Imagination Yoga community.

Katy McInally (one of our longest trained IY teachers) taught this beautiful class. She is so VERY gifted at creating a space for her students to understand, not only what kind words are, but also how they feel. Katy, you truly are changing our world for the better… one class at a time.

Kind hearts. Kind words. Kind thoughts.

-IY Team


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