Career Epiphany

This story comes from Crista Lindberg, one of our wonderful Imagination Yoga teachers and director of corporate partnerships.  She tells a beautiful story about her “career epiphany”, how she found her path to a work/life balance that fits her family and enriches her life.

So there I was, sitting in complete silence, in a temple in Tokyo with a burgundy-clad monk next to me. The personal Zazen meditation training was intense. My mind raced and eventually went to the same place it reliably goes while attempting to find clarity: “What will I do with my career when I return to America?” Repatriating was on the horizon and I still hadn’t had my career epiphany, which is why I was sitting in a temple … ironically meditating in order to chase the answer.

In many peaceful moments, I thought “THIS. This is my purpose. I’ll bring THIS home with me.” But how do you make a career based off peace in our ego-driven, frantic paced society that cannot stop long enough for one single calming, cleansing deep breath?

Fast-forward a few months when I serendipitously sit next to one of the founders of Imagination Yoga in a quaint coffee shop in Portland. I was drawn to the business concept prior to meeting her and felt a forceful pull as she spoke about the company’s mission and how children react to yoga. She had me at, “I feel like I’m contributing goodness into the world.” Imagination Yoga was going to complete this formerly caffeinated, sleep deprived, working mom who was looking to add value to the world instead of dollars to a mega-company’s bottom-line.

Now, after about a year with Imagination Yoga, I’ve witnessed passion for a good cause from the employees like no other that I’ve seen.  It spreads from the employees to the kids who literally jump up and down with excitement for a new yoga flow and report back to their parents about how much fun they had in class. Imagination Yoga is fulfilling their mission of inspiring kids to move and being part of an effort that can only warm your heart.

I’m also a mom of two little kids who proved to me that Imagination Yoga was different when they repeated poses and adventures in our living room after class.  I saw first-hand the difference a child-based curriculum made on the students. This was not an adult instructor trying to lead kids through a dumb-downed version of their typical class; it was made just for kids.

I honestly feel that at the end of each day I have contributed goodness to the world by simply fostering one child’s imagination, or by fighting childhood obesity through fun movement in a classroom, or maybe a class has infused kindness into the next schoolyard bully, or helped an anxious child find inner peace and calm in our ever stimulated and stressed environment.

While I’m still trying to find the quietness, rather than chase answers in meditation, I take solace in knowing that I’ve had my career epiphany. I’m so proud to be a part of the movement.

If this strikes a chord with you in any way, I invite you to join me, and the rest of the Imagination Yoga team, at an upcoming workshop or teacher training in Portland and Eugene. We’ll share ways to bring yoga into kid’s lives and the benefits of yoga at a young age.

Thank you Crista; for being a part of our team and for sharing your story with the world.  If you are interested in learning more about making Imagination Yoga part of your career, please visit the Teacher Training page on our website to register for one of our upcoming workshops.

Crista Lindberg Imagination Yoga Career Epiphany


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