Showing Kindness on International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Throughout the month of December Imagination Yoga is focusing on Kindness. Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes, large and small. Small demonstrations of kindness, to ourselves and to others, are the building blocks of BOLDLY kind acts. When we reflect and document our kindness it quickly reminds us how wonderful it feels to appreciate the small things in life!

 In Honor of International Day of Persons with Disabilities and December Kindness Month at Imagination Yoga we would like to showcase what the students in Shelley Hawebecker’s High School Life Skills Classroom in Hillsboro School District do to show themselves and others kindness!

 I demonstrate kindness to others by…

 Offering help to someone who looks like they might need it.

 Saying you are sorry if you do something that hurts them.

 Saying “hi” or smiling at someone you see.

 Being nice to others.

 I can help people by picking up the garbage.

 Helping out others, listening to friends, giving canned food.

 I lend my brother money.

 Help pick up a chair for a friend.

 Help someone meet new people.

  Helped a friend with a sweep job.

 Help set up for yoga.

I show myself kindness when I…

 Take some quiet time for myself.

 Eat healthy.

 Dress nice.

 Calm my body.

 Sleep in.

 Go to bed early.

 Get nails done.

Listen to classical music.



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