Imagination Yoga Kindness Challenge

Everyday Imagination Yoga teachers  inspire kids to move their bodies and  stretch their imaginations. Our curriculum focuses on the aspects of yoga that kids can take off the mat and into their homes, schools and communities. Kindness, Concentration, Gratitude and Relaxation are the curriculum platforms that imagination Yoga stands upon to positively impact the kids we work with.

In honor of that we invite you to the  Imagination Yoga Kindness Challenge. We challenge you to visually inspire others using photos and video to capture the kindness kids, adults and families are showing each other and this world. We all know to finish strong, but this year lets Finish Kind!

Imagination Yoga Finish Kind

The challenge officially kicks off Friday, December 27th and lasts 5 days, ending on New Years Eve. Make sure you follow Imagination Yoga on Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest or Twitter to receive the daily challenge. However you socially network we want to see you spreading kindness and inspiring others. #FinishKind

We wanted to give you a heads up on the daily challenges and some of our favorite images. Use this opportunity as a way to connect with your family and with your community. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Day 1: Kind Hearts

Imagination Yoga Kind Hearts

Day 2: Kind Words

Imagination Yoga Kind Words

Day 3: Kind Thoughts

Imagination Yoga Kind Thoughts

Day 4: Namasté

Imagination Yoga Namaste

Day 5: Boldly Kind

Imagination Yoga Boldly Kind

Pictures are awesome, video is amazing too. Here is a short we put together showing some of the ways kids are showing kindness to each other in big and small ways. 

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