Bringing Imagination Yoga Home!

We love the New Year for so many reasons. It provides an opportunity to take a closer look at our path and take steps in the direction of love and light. As we transition into the New Year we wanted to provide you with a few ideas to bring more movement, calm and kindness into your homes, plus we just LOVE the idea of integrating Imagination Yoga into a home practice!

Here’s the plan:
Get a few yoga mats (if you don’t have them, a towel or a blanket will do) and have your children set them in a calm spot in your house.
Take 3 (or more) full yoga breaths together with the intention of calming your bodies and your minds.
Side Stretch: Place one hand on the floor next to you and reach the other hand up and over. Stretch through your side body. Take 3 full breaths and repeat on the other side.

Image(Side stretch)

Tree Pose: Have your children make a kind wish (Not a plastic wish, like a toy. But rather, a wish that brings more peace and love into the world) and plant that seed. Begin to slowly grow your bodies (and your wish) up, up, up into tree pose *see picture below* and take 3 slow breaths. Repeat on the other side.

ImageImageImage(Tree Pose)

Downward Facing Dog: Come down onto the floor or to your hands and knees. Have the children imagine what they would look like if they were dogs/puppies… SO cute. On the count of 3 pop your tails in the air! Look at your feet and take 5 deep breaths.

Image (Downward facing Dog)

You and your children can pick a few more of your favorite yoga poses and hold each one for 3-5 slow breaths.
At the end of the class bring your hands to your hearts and say “Kind Hearts”, hands to your lips and say “Kind Words” and then bring your hands to your heads and say “Kind Thoughts”. The best in me, honors the best in you. Namaste.

Bringing yoga home is not only a powerful practice for you, but for the whole family. Enjoy these special heart-moments for your children and yourself. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014!


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