Making a peaceful connection

Teaching Imagination Yoga is an amazing adventure.  I know that every time I am in front of a group of children I am impacting their lives positively and providing them with skills that will enhance their future.  At times it can be hard to tell how students are using those skills and in what way their lives are being impacted.  Unlike adults, children are not always able, or willing, to share their stories.  They might not even relate changes in their reactions or outlook to yoga at all.  In Imagination Yoga we try and give the kids many opportunities to think about and communicate the things they have learned, and how they have applied them to their lives.  The hope is to make a positive connection between yoga and the quality of their life, but it is not always easy.  During my Monday afternoon class one student did a beautiful job of articulating her experience.    
Although Imagination Yoga has been taught at her school for many years, this is the first term she has enrolled in the class.  In the fourth week she came up to me at the end of class and said “Since I have been taking yoga I have not been getting so mad in my classes.”  I said “Wow, yoga has helped you to not be mad at school!” She quickly corrected me and said “No, I still get mad, but now it doesn’t build throughout the day. At the end of my class I feel calmer and can start my next class happier.”  
She then took my finger and showed me exactly what she meant. She said “After my first class I used to feel like this” she squeezed my finger tightly “and would stay like that all day. Now, between my classes I start to feel like this” She loosened the grip on my finger and smiled. I let her know how happy that made me and how proud I was of her for being able to realize this positive change, and communicate it to me. Needless to say, I was walking on air after that comment.  It is those small moments when I know I am in the right place doing exactly what I am meant to do.  


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