Play Yoga with your class on Yoga Recess Day Friday, February 28th

Play Yoga with your class on Yoga Recess Day Friday, February 28th

Yoga-Recess™ is a national campaign to bring yoga-based health education into classrooms. The campaign peaks on Yoga Recess Day, Friday, February 28th when hundreds of school teachers and organizations participate to raise children’s awareness of the benefit from mind, body, breathing and stretching exercises.

Imagination Yoga will be participating in Yoga Recess day by bringing Imaginative and fun yoga adventures to the children of the Nike child development programs as well as in schools around the Portland metro area.  We love the mission of Yoga Recess day and would love to see it in as many schools as possible this year!

If you are not sure how to incorporate this into your classroom, please click on the link (the title) provided for ideas from the Yoga Recess day website. Here are a few tips and ideas from us:

Take three big yoga breaths to start and then allow yourself to play yoga with the kids. Be animals, be plants, take more big breaths and move your body. Take time at the end to sit, or lay, down and just relax; feel the benefits of the physical practice of Yoga.  Remember, it should be fun, keep it simple and if you are doing it together as a group, you are doing it right! This day is about feeling good and having fun while moving your body and breathing. Enjoy your Yoga Recess!


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