Warm Days and Kind Hearts



With Spring break over and only a few months of school left my mind has been shifting into thoughts of long, warm, sunny days.  At Imagination Yoga we switch gears in the summer months away from our school enrichment classes and into camp mode.

Camp is so much fun! It is a few weeks out of the year when I get to feel like a kid again.  Yoga adventures, arts and crafts, science and nature exploration are all highlights, but I would have to say my favorite things about camp are the kindness and gratitude jars.

On the very first day of camp we let all of the kids know about the jars.  There is the kindness jar where you can write about something kind you saw happening or heard being said at camp, and then there is the gratitude jar where at any time during the day you can write what you are grateful for. They would write about their families and the the fact that they had food and clothes and things to play with and put it in the gratitude jar.  In the kindness jar they would say that someone helped them get their shoes on or shared the art supplies etc.  It was a really beautiful way for the kids to recognize that kindness is all around us and that we have so much to be grateful for!

At the end of the day we have a closing group time where we read, out loud, all of the kind things that happened that day and everything the group is grateful for.  This was one thing that the kids looked forward to.  They wanted to see what people had noticed and strive to do more kind acts the next day.  Just having these jars out inspired acts of kindness.  Some younger campers would have a hard time writing all of the wonderful kindness they were seeing being shared so an older kid would come and help them, no prompting no asking, just kindness!  By the end of every week at Imagination Yoga camp the group had grown so close they didn’t want it to end!

This summer I excited about our four weeks of camp and the opportunity share the kindness and gratitude jars with more kids.


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