I still remember the first time I saw Jamie teach Imagination Yoga to a group of children in 2008. It gave me goose bumps as I watched the children engaging so completely with the vivid story she was telling. I watched, mesmerized by the children’s ability to engage, imagine, and stretch into yoga poses new to them with ease and enthusiasm.  From that first experience I knew that Imagination Yoga was something special that needed to be shared with as many children as possible.

Jamie and I realized quickly that if we were to keep Imagination Yoga as something that only she taught the number of children exposed to it would be limited. So she taught me her tips and tricks and we started working together to discover how best to teach Imagination Yoga to others.

Our very first teacher training had 4 attendees, our second had 6 people, and our third had 10. These amazing people were then going back into their communities and offering Imagination Yoga there.  We had teachers and yogis, mental health workers, nurses, stay at home parents, all finding ways to integrate Imagination Yoga into their work and into their communities. It was immensely gratifying and incredible to watch as more and more children were positively impacted through Imagination Yoga and communities were getting happier and healthier as a result.

Then we started connecting with conferences and yoga festivals and began offering shorter versions of our teacher training in 2-hour workshops. Our first conference was the Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children (OAEYC), we surprised ourselves and the conference when we maxed out at 40 participants. The interest and desire for these teachings was evident.

Over the last 6 years our teacher trainings and workshops have continued to grow and expand. Jamie and I have been lucky enough to travel around the country, working with hundreds of adults teaching them how to teach Imagination Yoga to the children in their lives. The success stories we hear from people who have taken what they learn and applied it in their communities is what drives us to continually refine the program, develop new adventures and create new curriculums that keep kids engaged and the teachers inspired.

I still get goose bumps whenever I watch a group of kids in an Imagination Yoga class. Yoga is one of the greatest gifts I have given to my own children and I am grateful everyday for the chance to help others share yoga with the children in their lives.

If you are interested in any of our upcoming workshops or teacher trainings please visit our website for dates and locations.

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